Confused Print (A3)

Confused Print (A3)

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Confused Print (A3)

The ‘Confused’ image contains an interpretation of the ‘Man in the Maze labyrinth of the Tohono O’odham Indians of Southern Arizona.  It also features their sacred mountain: Mount Baboquovari.  Their God, Iitoi lived at the top of Baboquovari.  At times the y would sense his presence in their villages, and they would try to follow him.  The labyrinth si symbolic of the twisting winding path that he would take back to the top of the mountain.  In trying to follow him, they would get lost and confused.

This is a version of the classical labyrinth that when woven into baskets took on this shape.  It is still found in basketry today, and more common in jewellery, belt buckles and other items.

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