Labyrinth Wisdom refers to the insights and knowing that comes to us

through the labyrinth. For many this is achieved through walking the

labyrinth; yet, there are other ways of experiencing the labyrinth that

enhance our insights and wisdom.banner3.jpg

Labyrinth Wisdom Cards emerged from the labyrinth through a process of quieting the mind and allowing insights, images, and connectedness to all of existence to come to light in the images and the writing.

This website is a space where aspects of labyrinth wisdom are presented for you to interact with to enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

You will find articles and videos on the labyrinth, as well as labyrinth wisdom tools such as Labyrinth Wisdom Cards and prints of the images for you to purchase.

I invite you to explore this website; to experience the centering power of the labyrinth for yourself; to immerse yourself in the unique energy of this ancient pattern to guide you on your soul’s journey.


Labyrinth Wisdom Cards

Labyrinth Wisdom Cards

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Balance Print (A3)

Featuring two octagonal eleven circuit labyrinths mirror images of each other, this picture represents our being in balance.
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